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Sexy Black Mesh Skirt

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  • Size(1 Inch = 2.54 CM):
    Waist: 35.43"
    Length: 32.28"

    Waist: 90cm
    Length: 82cm
  • Color: black
  • Fabric: Mesh/Meryl
  • Washing: Wash according to instructions on care label.
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    fashion skirt, black, black skirt, pleated skirt, mesh skirt

Friday, December 21, 2012

Coupon Use Continues to Rise and Consumers are Reaping the Benefits at

Coupon redemption in the first hal women's jackets f of 2010 increased by 7.9%, and consumers saved nearly $2 billion with coupons during this time frame, a 37% increase over pre-recession levels, according to NCH Marketing Services.

"Consumers have realized that coupons are real money," said Stephanie Nelson, founder of, "By using our strategic shopping strategies, a family of four can save over $6000 in a year, and our members are saving every time they go shopping."

Nelson has been called the "the rock star of the recession" by the Washington Post, and was also recently named one of the "Top 10 Women in Money" by AOL. She has taught millions how to save with coupons on Oprah, The Today Show, and CNN, and in the Wall Street Journal, Good Housekeeping and USA Today. Her book, The Coupon Mom's Guide to Cutting your Grocery Bills in Half, stayed on the New York Times' Bestseller List for five weeks this year and membership on the Coupon Mom web site has jumped from 180,000 in early 2008 to more than 2.6 million members today.

Coupon usage is definitely on the rise and companies are offering great deals to get consumers to buy. Savings are available not just at the grocery store but at all kinds of retail stores.

"A consumer can save money with coupons at the drug store, in restaurants, on pet supplies and in home stores, as well as in craft stores and clothing shops, " said Nelson, "It's all about being a smart shopper and planning ahead."

Nelson says consumers can find coupons several ways - online at, in newspaper flyers, entertainment books, shopping mall websites, and in catalogs.

A mother of two, Nelson launched nine years ago to show consumers what weekly sales and savings were available, to save them time, and of course, to save them money.

92% of shoppers have changed their grocery shopping behavior in the last two years according to Deloitte and Harrison Group, due to the uncertain economic climate. Shoppers are now more price-conscious when buying food and other retail goods.

Here are some of the Coupon Mom's favorite ways to "Strategically Shop":
1. Plan your shopping trip and make a comprehensive shopping list.
2. Compare prices for your common items at a few nearby stores and cherry-pick the deals if necessary.
3. Study the stores' sales circulars and use online resources like ours to find the best sales.
4. Stock up on common items when they are at rock-bottom prices.
5. Maximize your coupon inventory. Buy multiple copies of the Sunday newspaper.
6. Sign up for your stores' loyalty cards.

September is National Coupon Month, since the first handwritten Coca-Cola coupon in 1886, Americans have been using coupons to save on everything from groceries to clothing to entertainment and all categories in between. With coupon distribution and redemption at historically high levels, be sure you take advantage of these savings today.

For more information on Coupon Mom, go to Media inquiries, contact nanette(at)burkehollowmedia(dot)com or 615-776-4230.


Tricks, Treats, and Pics at Pippin McGee’s Halloween Photos for Acadiana Outreach

Pippin McGee Children's Furniture Store is hosting their annual Kids Halloween and Fall Pictures taken by Buffy Masey, on Saturday, October 30th from 1 to 4 pm, at their retail location on Ambassador Caffery Parkway, with all proceeds going to Acadiana Outreach.

Acadiana Outreach, based in Lafayette, LA, is a social enterprise that provides opportunities for those less-fortunate in the community and helps them get back on their feet, through "hand-ups" not "hand-outs." They rely heavily on local support from individuals and companies, like Pippin McGee, to help fund their efforts at getting families and individuals not only food, clothes, and shelter, but back to providing for themselves.

Pippin McGee is a Lafayette, LA-owned children's furniture and room solutions center opened in 2005. Kim Crouchet, owner, says, "It has always been my aim to find ways to give back to the community. It was part of my business plan from day one and making a diff women's coats online erence has always been part of my personal philosophy." In addition to the Halloween Pictures, Acadiana Outreach partnered with Pippin McGee on past projects, such as the Back to School Supplies Drive and Spring Clean and Donate Drive, as well as helping Outreach families in need of children's furniture. In addition to a full service room design center, Pippin McGee also offers everything from convertible, all-wood baby cribs and triple bunk beds to colorful loft beds with tents and slides.

Jill Meaux, the Director of Community Relations for Acadiana Outreach, "is thrilled to be working with Pippin McGee on a worthy and fun fundraising cause that will benefit the hundreds of children helped through various programs, including the Acadiana Outreach Lighthouse Shelter for Women and Children." Buffy Massey is the local photographer that has been helping with these events for the last several years and has become a local favorite because of his ability to get the kids to smile and have fun.

This fun, family event will be at Pippin McGee's new, larger location at 3814-B Ambassador Caffery Parkway. Along with Halloween pictures, there will be cookie decorating stations, hand print art booths, and an in-store scavenger hunt for prizes, for the children to participate in.

Door prizes, coupon sales and candy finds will help make the event fun and enjoyable for all ages. "In today's economy, giving back has become a little more taxing," says Jill Meaux, "but Pippin McGee continues to be a great partner with us and helps make some serious needs a reality."

The picture taking sessions will be from 1 to 4 pm, and are $5 a piece, with 100% of the proceeds going to help as many as 15 families currently residing in Acadiana Outreach's Lighthouse, as well as hundreds more in the community. Children are encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes to take pictures in front of a festive Fall background.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Debenhams Reports Women Have Christmas All Wrapped Up

Debenhams has revealed that over 80% of presents under the Christmas tree are selected, purchased and wrapped by women.

A new survey from the department store revealed that most women buy the majority of Christmas gifts ( ) for partners, children, grandparents, neighbours, friends and even themselves, plus stock up on expertly-wrapped standby unisex gifts such as wine and chocolates for unexpected Christmas visitors.

Debenhams spokesperson Michelle Dowdall commented: "While tradition states that the male is the head of the household, when it comes to Christmas shopping, women clearly wear the trousers.

"Whilst novelty gifts or boxes of chocolates may be a surprise for wives and mums on Christmas morning, the majority of women have already chosen or even bought the gifts they receive from their loved ones.

"When women are Christmas shopping they know exactly what will make themselves and their partner happy. Men seem a little less certain and often seek advice or guidance, which is why as a result of this survey we have briefed our army of personal shoppers to know exactly what to ask to help men find that perfect gift for their partner."

In a survey of 1,000 pre-Christmas customers, women came out as the seasoned shoppers, planning ahead of the crowds to purchase the perfect gift for every family member, putting thought and effort into each present.

Some admitted to buying gifts for themselves as early as September and presenting their husband with a receipt and present to put away until December. Others wrote wish lists for their partners, knowing that the gifts would appear under the tree come Christmas morning with little or no added surprises.?
The survey showed that 69%?of women chose presents for their partner based on their own ideas, whereas only 21% o women's coats f the presents were?based on a specific item their partner had requested, and 10% were impulse buys.
Men seem to be relying on their partners wish list when Christmas shopping, with 49% choosing directly from the wish list, 37% using gifts their wives had bought and given to them and 11% impulse buys. There also seems to be a clear tendency that the older the man gets the more he follows the wish list.
Michelle Dowdall continued: "In December we see men walking around our stores?clutching on to wish lists as if they were winning lottery tickets, whereas women are much more adventurous and find inspiration as they go along."
The study found that men tended to choose 'safe' Christmas gifts for her ( ) such as lingerie, perfume gift sets ( ), jewellery and premium cosmetics, yet women included cosier items such as jumpers, coats and slippers on their wish lists.

About Debenhams:
Debenhams is a leading department stores group with a strong presence in key product categories including women's and men's fashion, kid's clothing, Christmas gifts for men ( ), home, perfume gifts and health and beauty gift sets ( ).

Debenhams is the second largest department store chain in the UK.

Debenhams operates 167 stores in the UK, Republic of Ireland and Denmark, comprising 154 full department stores and 13 Desire by Debenhams stores, which is a small store concept featuring an edited product range. Debenhams also has 60 international franchise stores in 23 countries. Debenhams online store can be found at, where shoppers can find out all about the latest products to reach Debenhams's via Debenhams TV.

PR Contact:
Carie Barkhuizen
Debenhams PR Manager
33 Wigmore Street
020 7408 3298


Designer Clothes: Top 5 Tips for Going Casual by - Recent years have seen a tremendous increase in demand for casual designer clothes. Certain dress codes are becoming a thing of the past and even in the most conservative dressing environments, a loosening of restraints on what is appropriate can be easily observed. Designer clothes shops and manufacturers have largely shifted their focus towards a wide variety of semi-formal or informal types of clothing.

And while, as a result of certain democratization, designer clothes are being embraced by more and more people every day, the mass culture of their application appears to be very much lagging behind the rapidly growing market supply.

Mens designer clothes seem to be much more of a problem because men in general tend to be confused and bewildered by their rapidly growing dress options. Some men would, indeed, be quite content within the confines of a strict dress discipline for almost all occasions so as not to be too much at risk of style fail. But as womens designer clothes show, there are also significant advantages to having seemingly unlimited options of casual styles. Designer clothes tend to look more sophisticated and tailored but casual designer clothes are also comfortable and often a little more daring. Men just need to keep a few basic things in mind when it comes to dressing casual:

1. Remember that casual clothing is supposed to be more permitting or more comfortable than formal wear. This also concerns the size or general fit. Make sure to allow a bit more room in a casual garment than what one would allow in a proper-fitting formal suite.
2. Casual clothing is also supposed to be a bit more fun. Some men like to abuse this notion by wearing fifteen different shades of orange at once. Such extremes are of course to be avoided. Sometimes subtle things like opening a button on a shirt can make a world of difference in the way an outfit looks. Experimenting with daring colors and f fashion coats lashy designs should be approached with caution and balanced out by simple backgrounds.
3. The most perfect casual combination is probably a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. A blazer or a sport jacket can be added to dress it up a little for the evening.
4. Any sport wear, particularly sport footwear, is almost always too casual for anywhere outside a gym or a training facility. Casual clothing that is inspired by sport wear, like polo shirts for example, does not fall into this category of course.
5. Casual style allows for a more liberal use of accessories. Excessive jewelry, particularly gold, tends to make men look a little overbearing. Silver is a much less imposing and hence more appropriate alternative. Precious and semi-precious stones are also a very risky territory. But a fun and color-appropriate pocket square can really take an outfit to the next level.

For more information on designer clothes and our publications please do not hesitate to visit us at DolceFugo.


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Critically Acclaimed Author Kevin M. Weeks Celebrates the Independent Publisher

Publishers Marketing Association (PMA) lists The Street Life Series by Kevin M. Weeks in Publishers Weekly's February 26, 2007 Fast-Growing Small Publishers edition. Being listed in this edition of Publishers Weekly is indeed significant for a self-published author, because Publishers Weekly's worldwide circulation reaches writers, printers, distributors, and retailers. This is one of several accomplishments this year for Author Kevin M. Weeks. He was also inducted as the Best New Urban Author of the Year 2006 by the YOUnity Guild Top Advisory Board and named the January 2007 Author of the Month by C&B Books Distribution. When asked how he felt about his recent achievements as an independent publisher, Mr. Weeks smiled and commented, "I am on my way to becoming the 'James Patterson' of Urban Fiction."

Author Kevin M. Weeks is a member of PMA, the Independent Book Publishers Association and YOUnity Guild of America. Thanks to these types of organizations, self-published authors have a voice and presence in the publishing industry. Founded in 1983, PMA's mission is to advance the professional interests of independent publishers. PMA serves book, audio, and video publishers located in the United States and around the world. Its voluntary board of directors is representative of PMA's varied membership. The benefits of membership are cooperative marketing programs, education, and advocacy within the publishing industry. For more information on PMA, visit

YOUnity Guild of America was established and conceived in 2003 to scout, induct, honor, award and recognize the top professionals of African American and Multicultural literature, music, technology, film, and theater. A voluntary Top Advisory Board of 100 active members inducts The YOUnity Guild Award Winners of Excellence each year. YOUnity Guild of America members are readily featured at and recognized globally and synonymous with members who support the Disilgold 5 Principles of Success Formula: Dedication, Quality of Business, Professionalism, Integrity of Service, and Commitment. YOUnity Guild of America is founded by Heather Covington, Black Family Channel's "Literary Living" television hostess and best-selling author. For more information on YOUnity Guild of America, visit, which is abridged for "Diamond, Silver and Gold."

In addition, Kevin M. Weeks believes that being an independent publisher gives an author greater flexibility in focusing on what the author feels is most important. He is a proud supporter of the Awareness Magazine (AMAG) Intern Program. The AMAG Intern Program is a youth program, which builds skills in graphic design, web design, marketing, reporting, journalism, and public relations. Authors and companies can make donations and/or contributions by visiting Also on February 16, 2007, he signed up for a recently announced Xlibris publishing service called "Set Your Own Price (SYOP)" and reduced the price of his novel in order to pass the savings on to consumers. This type of entrepreneurial spirit not only saves book lovers money, but also enables Mr. Weeks to continue to support a worthy cause.

Believing that independent publishers have to be innovative every day in promoting their work, Kevin M. Weeks designed his first magazine print ad which will be featured in an upcoming issue of Black Issues Book Review. Also, you can see his internet banner ads in rotation on websites such as,, and In a Debut Author Exclusive with Kevin M. Weeks, Heat Tips: Find Street Fashion Online(may be you can find what you want on the her Covington states: "Appearing on, millions of fans can now put a face to the author's book cover everyone has been talking about lately. For Kevin M. Weeks, he's slowly becoming one of the most intriguing household literary names. . ." We agree with Ms. Covington, because Kevin M. Weeks' passion and ambition to succeed are beginning to pay off. When you see his slogan, "It's all about Urban Fiction," know that independent publisher Kevin M. Weeks is only a click away.

To read the entire Debut Author Exclusive with Kevin M. Weeks by Heather Covington, download the January 20, 2007 edition of DisilgoldSOUL Literary Review Magazine at or download an authorized reprint from

Book Description from the Publisher:
Kevin M. Weeks introduces a new series of steamy, suspenseful, and realistic drama from the streets. In the novel, Teco Jackson joins the Strictly Business (SB) Crew and gets the alias Homicide from the SB Crew boss, Mujaheed Bashi Fiten. When Bashi promotes Homicide to be his right hand man, Homicide gets into a major power struggle with the only female and toughest SB Crew member, Gail Indigo Que, a.k.a. GQ. Living an eventful life from cars, women, and money seemed promising for Homicide until there is a major take down. After getting out of jail, Homicide's mission is to find out where Bashi disappeared. Back on the streets of Philly, Homicide hears lots of talk about Bashi's whereabouts and the names of those who are involved. Will Homicide and GQ set aside their differences to discover the truth? Now Homicide is on a binge to find who snatched up his boss and to pay them back in a way that no one would ever think. The street life, is it suicide or murder?

The Street Life Series * by Kevin M. Weeks
Is it Suicide or Murder?
Trade Paperback: Retail $15.99; 1-4257-1104-9; 189 pages;
Cloth Hardback: Retail $22.99; 1-4257-1105-7; 189 pages
Publication Date: September 2006
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Distributors/Wholesalers: Ingram; Baker & Taylor

How to purchase the book: Online at,,,,,,,, other online bookstores, or request a copy at your local bookstore.

Tearsheets may be sent by regular or electronic mail to Xlibris Marketing Services. To purchase copies of the book for resale, please fax Xlibris at (610) 915-0294 or call (888) 795-4274 extension 876.

Xlibris Corporation
Marketing Services
International Plaza II, Suite 340
Philadelphia, PA 19113-1513

For more information, contact Xlibris (888) 795-4274 or